A series of girls, boys, and critters with adorable adornments and notable names.



A collection of printed, stamped, and embroidered artwork to cheer your space and your face.



Various teensy tiny designs embroidered on felt and ready to pin to -- everything!


What We've Got

Hello and welcome!



We're the Orth sisters and we're glad you've stopped by! Thistle and Nine is the place to find a collection of cute critters and creations, born by pooling the talents of Claire and Emma Orth. We're based out of the wet and wonderful Pacific Northwest, where it's not uncommon to find us hiding from the rain under a blanket or beside a fire with pencil and crochet hook in hand.

Here at Thistle and Nine, we use our own original designs and collaborate with each other to bring these designs to life. With our dad being a web developer and our mom having a background in graphic arts, it's no wonder creativity runs in our veins! Keep a close watch on us as we are likely to be coming at you with new designs and products very shortly.

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

© 2017 by Thistle and Nine

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